Not just a credit card company. A partner that has your back.

Jasper is a fintech credit card company innovating to give customers what they actually want: more cash back, and the tools to maintain a financially healthy lifestyle.

Our unique rewards program offers customers one of the highest cash back rates in the industry: up to 6% cash back by referring friends.⁴ Our customers tell us they hate debt, and so do we. Jasper’s business model is not based on getting customers into more debt. If our customers are never in debt, we’ve done our job right!

We are using technology to redesign the credit experience and equip you with better tools to stay financially healthy:

  • Our proprietary, technology-based underwriting model looks at the big picture. This risk model means we can give every customer the credit line they deserve, even if they have a limited credit history.

  • We know you’re more than a credit score. Our application process is securely integrated with Plaid so we get a holistic view of your financial picture and can offer you a credit line personalized for your needs. Linking your bank account through Plaid also helps us process your application more efficiently.

  • Our simple, intuitive mobile app gives you a 360° view of your account, so you always have the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Our smart notifications and unique auto payment options help you keep debt low, build strong credit efficiently, and stay financially healthy.

Join Jasper Mastercard
  • Earn up to 6% cash back by referring friends. Read more

  • Limited time only: Start with 1%, get to 3% cash back by referring just two friends!

  • No annual fee

  • Simple, intuitive app to manage your account