Last week, on Thursday, November 7, 2019, CreditStacks CEO Elnor Rozenrot spoke on the MoneyConf stage at Web Summit. After a lively panel discussion on the topic, “Do fintechs care about your financial health?” Elnor took the stage to announce the successful completion of our funding round and upcoming rebranding as Jasper!

Miss Elnor’s announcement? A quick recap of how Jasper will be different:

  • Jasper puts a premium Mastercard® within reach for new-to-credit customers. By harnessing technology-based risk modeling using over 360 data points, Jasper is able to see beyond just credit history to recognize a customer’s true potential and bright future.

  • Jasper takes the confusion and headache out of credit-building with innovative auto payment options and ongoing education about smart credit use via app and emails.

  • Jasper’s goals are perfectly aligned with our customers’ best interests — if you are never in debt, we’ve done our job right!

Other announcement highlights:

  • CreditStacks will rebrand as Jasper in Q1 2020 and has secured $110 million in growth financing to revolutionize the credit experience.

  • Jasper is tackling the three major obstacles to building healthy credit: lack of transparency, the entry problem, and level of complexity.

  • The US is facing a serious consumer debt crisis. Jasper is a different kind of credit card company, one that will be part of the solution, by providing the tools needed to make credit-building truly hassle-free.

For more details, check out our press release on the Web Summit website. For press queries, please contact VP marketing Tully Nissenson:

A note from the Jasper team: CreditStacks rebranded as Jasper in 2020. To learn more about this change and the thinking behind it, explore and our blog.