Financial Health In Corona Times: CreditStacks Rebrands As Jasper, Targets U.S. Customers Who Want To Live a Healthy, Debt-Free Life

New York City, NY – After a year-long rebranding effort, on May 26, 2020, the credit card company CreditStacks re-launched as Jasper. Jasper’s mission, to help people use debt responsibly, is especially relevant during the current economic downturn. Jasper is well-positioned to serve consumers in the U.S. who, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, are prioritizing a financially healthy, debt-free lifestyle.

A recent study of consumer responses to the COVID-19 outbreak demonstrated that consumers are not just preoccupied with their current safety; they are also thinking about the future “a great deal.” According to the study, “60 percent feel the situation demands that they be even more proactive about financial planning and security for the future.”

The Jasper Mastercard, which launched as CreditStacks in 2018, offers unique features designed to help more U.S. consumers build excellent credit from scratch. First, the company makes its premium credit card accessible to more consumers by using a holistic approach and innovative technology to assess applicants. Credit history is not required to apply if an applicant does not already have one. Second, the credit card is designed to promote a financially healthy lifestyle, free from unnecessary debt. 

“We designed the Jasper brand to better align with our identity and values as a company and to empower customers to live debt-free,” said Tal Nissenson, Jasper’s VP of Marketing. “Then, as we were developing the brand, we realized it was also time to rethink our target customer.”

The Jasper Mastercard was originally designed for professionals who had recently relocated to the U.S. for work and, due to a lack of local credit history, were finding it challenging to qualify for a premium credit card. “Our market research showed us that many other consumers in the U.S. were also struggling to build credit from scratch,” said Nissenson, “for example, young adults who have recently started their professional lives.”

The newly launched Jasper Mastercard is designed to help customers build and maintain good credit and a healthy financial life. With its mobile application, targeted communications, and a redesigned website, Jasper supports cardholders in their desire to be financially healthy. “No one knows how long the current health and economic crisis will last,” said Nissenson. “We may be in a long-term situation. Building and protecting your credit score will be more important than ever.”

Jasper, the premium Mastercard designed for professionals, is more than just a credit card - it’s a credit-building partner. Jasper uses technology to understand where customers are going in life, instead of looking just at where they have been, so applicants may qualify for a premium Jasper Mastercard, issued by WebBank, even if they are just starting their credit journey. The Jasper Mastercard’s unique features are designed to make credit-building simpler and easier, so cardholders can focus on building their future.

The Jasper Mastercard is especially helpful for customers who are new to credit in the U.S., such as young adults who have recently started their professional lives and professionals who have recently relocated to the U.S. for work.

  • No credit history required to apply if you don’t already have one

  • An intuitive experience that includes personalized, real-time financial advice, and innovative auto payment options

  • Ongoing education for smart credit use via app and emails to encourage healthy financial behavior

  • All the benefits of a premium Mastercard

  • High credit limits, low interest rates   

  • No annual fee³, no security deposit.